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A new series by Janet Tashjian
with illustrations by
Inga Wilmink

"These magical stickers yield an offbeat set of characters including a lazy fairy, a blunt cupcake, and a karaoke-singing ladybug, all of whom help Marti find the strength to make friends and come out of her shell. Tashjian sympathetically portrays the fears that can derail an otherwise confident girl like Marti, whose emotional journey is both realistic and humorous. Newcomer Wilmink’s emoji-cute illustrations play well with the upbeat tone of this satisfying series kickoff." 

                     – Publisher’s Weekly

Martina Rivera is obsessed with stickers.  Her world changes when she receives a sheet of magical stickers that...

come to life!

I am so excited about STICKER GIRL!  This is my first book in ten years to feature a female protagonist!  That is WAY too long. #andwrong

The main character is Martina Rivera, a shy girl with a rich inner world.  As a kid, I loved making up stories with my toys, dolls, and drawings.  But unlike Martina’s stickers, none of my characters came to life – at least not until I grew up and started writing books.  #totalnerd

My editor, Christy Ottaviano, has been putting stickers on every piece of correspondence she has sent to me for almost twenty years. #theoriginalstickergirl  

Ice cream cones, aliens, pizza, unicorns – she’s got drawers full of them.  All those stickers must have seeped into my imagination because suddenly – BANG! – I had the idea for STICKER GIRL.  All of my novel ideas don’t happen that way, but this one did.  #smallfavors

I hope you enjoy STICKER GIRL – I love Inga Wilmink’s fun illustrations.  The book even comes with a sheet of stickers and a glitter cover.  #guiltypleasures

The book is dedicated to all of my fabulous nieces whom I’ve been making up stories with for years. #loveyouguys  

Unofficially, the book is dedicated to the little girl sitting on the floor of the Barnes and Noble in Santa Monica asking her mom why there weren’t more funny chapter books for girls.  Thanks for reminding me how much I love funny stories for girls too.  

- Booklist

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"This is a fun tale about an introverted child who finally manages to leave her fantasy realm for the real world, though perhaps not completely.  A good book for similarly shy youngsters." 

                   – School and Library Journal

"Tashjian’s peppy story is packed with adorably upbeat illustrations of Martina and her stickers, as well as jaunty sound-effect words and doodled accents. In her easy-to-read first-person narrative, Latina Martina reveals not only her passion for cute stickers but also her struggle with social anxiety, which gives the book a healthy dose of emotional heft."